I have learned more about or presidental history via this program than school!"

- Becky Richard, OKC, Oklahoma Museum of History

A 'Bully' program I was deeelighted to attend!"

- Ronn Cupp, Norman OKC, Oklahoma Museum of History

Wonderful family time experience with my grandchildren!"

- Carla Jones, Norman OK, Oklahoma Museum of History

“It was a great day and you do a great job.”

- Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge – Port Clinton , Ohio

“What a great evening we had…this was one of our best programs in the six and a half years I have been working here.   …people afterward suggested that we need to do more things like this.”

- Ohio County Historical Society and Museum ( Indiana )

Today’s program was….”excellent, informative & entertaining…quality and an amazing talent and we want more” 

- Allen County Historical Museum ( Ohio )

“We found that Mr. Gib (sic) not only physically resembled Teddy Roosevelt but also had the dialect and lingo down to perfection.  His knowledge of Roosevelt and history made his character totally believable.”   “Mr. Young has a wonderful way working with people that make them believe that they had just actually had a conversation with Teddy Roosevelt.  Combine all of these talents and Mr. Gib’s (sic) willingness to go that extra mile for you: means that he was truly a delight to have as a performer in our show.

– Eventes, LTD – Peoria Civic Center ( Illinois )

My students said…”Very organized, very knowledgeable, you seemed very real, well prepared and enthusiastic….”

Eastbrook High School – Marion Indiana

“You did a wonderful, wonderful job at the HobNob…..I hope you will consider doing something like this for us in the future. 

-HobNob Political Rally Indianapolis

“Your delivery was superb…all comments (by the audience) were excellent.  We loved it!!!  We've had several requests for 'the rest of the story - his time as president."

- Fountain Park Chatauqua (Indiana)

“Thank you for a marvelous performance…the most excellent (of) comments.  Your performance touched on so many points and you had the audience in your hands. They were cheering and applauding for the Navy.”

– The Navy League – Bremerton Washington

“Thanks once again for a fantastic evening.” – Firelands Historical Society

Norwalk Ohio

“…the…President captivated his audience”.

– Huntington Co. Historica Society - Indiana

“Your ‘Teddy Roosevelt” presentation was superb!  You made us feel we were there back in time…

"You added the sparkle to the evening's performance."

- Washington County Historical Museum – Salem Indiana

“Thank YOU for a wonderful program…  Was intrigued and delighted with your ‘TR’ presentation….”

- Jefferson County Historical Society – Madison , Ind.

“….you can be proud of your performance”– WBGU TV – Bowling Green Ohio

You"...interacted well with guests, great story teller."

- Devil's Tower Natural History Association.

"...thank you for the wonderful presentation last week.   Your speech was educational and inspiring...' 

- Kosciusko ( Indiana ) County Youth Leadership

"You were perfect!! We had so many wonderful comments about you and your     'presence' at the conference.  You also were a hit on the bus tour, not only with the participants, but ....with the bus driver."
"...was smashing...an outstanding Theodore Roosevelt....we cannot say enough about his wonderful presence as he so embodied the former president in speech, manner, dress, and general knowledge....He is a gem"

- Teaching American History Project, Rockford Public Schools District

What are the names and nicknames of Teddy Roosevelt's brother and sister?
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